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How can we create efficient entrepreneurial education environments?

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What are the essentials in entrepreneurial education?

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What kind of leadership and working culture young people expect?

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How can we take the team entrepreneurship to practice?

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Why Should We Care About Entrepreneurial Education?

Here are some facts for you:

96 %of team entrepreneurs (university students) in Proakatemia, Tampere graduate on time.

37 %of the Proakatemia team entrepreneurs continue as entrepreneurs within 0-3 months after graduation.

2/3of total employment in the EU is created by SME’s.

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Who are we?

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I’m passionate about coaching teams and individuals to learn, seeing possibilities instead of obstacles, think big, achieve dreams and find and improve individual strengths. I’m a global promoter of team learning, team entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial mindset. Based on my own experiences I believe in the power of trust, dialogue and learning by doing when creating sustainable and equal environment of learning and working.



I have found my interests in researching and learning more on effective and productive leadership combined with good teamwork. For me interesting topics are for example how human-centered leaders make their teams flourish on daily basis and what kind of leaders young people follow. I try to bring up this point of view in our workshops.

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