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9.3.2015 Kirjoittaja:

Team working, dialogue and feedback skills, turning mental models from negative to postive, the meaning of listening and concrete tools for team’s starting phase. These are some of the skills that employees and managers in elderly care sector have learned in our workshops.

We got a chance to coach the managers and employees in the elderdy care sector in team working and dialogue skills and leadership in The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra’s project. The workshop participants learned in co-creative way, sharing and creating knowledge together. Customer advisor Jenni Leijo from Tampere commented what she got from the workshop:

In the workshop our team spirit got deeper and I believe that transmitted to other participants too. During the day I got insights about leadership, the dreams of our team and I learned how can I myself improve my interaction skills. Solution-based working woth customers will be transmitted to other encounters too – with superiors, the team and loved ones. When you realise that, is that way of encountering people always with you.

It seems that there is a strong need for this kind of workshops that enrich working communities and cooperation. Solution- and value-based working culture with coaching style of leadership increase satisfaction among the employees and customers and, in addition, attracts young people for example into elderly care sector. Service Manager Tuula Holja from Tampere commented:

The supervisor needs to recognise the special features of young generations because we need to improve care work so that it’ll become attractive and we need to invest in employees well-being.  Positive atmosphere helps in coping with challenging work and positive attitude in life will create enjoyable working environment and thus increase well-being at work.

These workshops were organised as part of three-phased training in cooperation with Sitra, City of Tampere and MawellCare Ltd. Tuula Holja commented:

The topics discussed in the workshops were important because in our operational model customer is in the centre. We need new kind of attitude in encountering and developing ourselves so that we can operate openly and by listening customer needs. The goal of Sitra’s project is to expand this model from Tampere to other places in Finland.

These workshops were rewarding to us coaches as well. The best part is that through our own work we can create benefit, value and better feeling to our customers, to their customers and whole society.

Budget cuts in the Finnish municipalities create a need for new innovations in service design. The benefits of these innovations effect locally and globally, and they should be observed in wider context rather than just in short term financial savings. Investing in elderly care development and solution-based and value-driven operational model has brought 5,4 million euros cost efficiency in the city of Tampere.

– Maria

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