Less Miserables is a Finnish company working to make the world less miserable in the fields of global entrepreneurship education, coaching and knowledge intensive business services.

Our roots are in Proakatemia, the entrepreneurial unit of Tampere University of Applied Sciences. There we were part of a great team entrepreneur community that is based on learning entrepreneurship and leadership skills by using team learning methods and learning by doing.

What do we offer?

In our interactive and co-creative workshops you will have a chance to learn about

  • team learning methods
  • dialogue
  • creativity and innovation
  • knowledge creation and management
  • coaching
  • leadership

and start implementing the tools into your own organisation. Less Miserables will facilitate the learning process, mentor, and consult you through the implementation process. Check our references in Cases -page.

Team learning is an excellent way to differentiate your school from others and enjoy the results of building the next generation of active youth. We have seen the results for over 20 years in the Finnish education system and now it is time to give everyone the opportunity to take these methods to use.

This is how team entrepreneurship education effects the surroundings:

Produces new entrepreneurs ➙ more employers ➙ more jobs ➙ less unemployment

Creates young people with entrepreneurial mindset ➙ spreading word ➙ attractive place to study ➙ new applicants ➙ attractive city image

We are passionate about helping people with our knowledge and experience so let’s start creating future success stories together!

P.S. Here is the service process that helps you move forward with this: Click here!

Maria Ruokonen

I’m passionate about coaching teams and individuals to learn, seeing possibilities instead of obstacles, think big, achieve dreams and find and improve individual strengths. I’m a global promoter of team learning, team entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial mindset. Based on my own experiences I believe in the power of trust, dialogue and learning by doing when creating sustainable and equal environment of learning and working.

After BBA degree in Entrepreneurship I have acquired special qualification in Teampreneur® coaching by ´Partus Ltd (30 credits). I’m a lifelong learner and thus developing myself all the time. That’s what life is all about, learning. I’m an empathic listener, a bridge-builder with good problem solving skills, a brainstromer who gets easily inspired and shares inspiration with my positive attitude.

Lauri Holja

I have found my interests in researching and learning more on effective and productive leadership combined with good teamwork. For me interesting topics are for example how human-centered leaders make their teams flourish on daily basis and what kind of leaders young people follow. I try to bring up this point of view in our workshops

My ambition in life is always to keep moving forward and developing myself and the company I am in. In the future I hope to be working abroad and be successful at what I do, either working for myself or for someone else. After BBA degree in Entrepreneurship I’m continuing my studies at the Master’s Degree Programme in Innovation Management at the University of Eastern Finland (120 credits).